Month: April 2011

Another League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Being proved wrong can be delightful, particularly if you’re watching someone break out of the box you’ve put them in.  Susan Boyle, with her washer woman looks and elegant tones, affords this pleasure, as do pretty boy actors who go to Ivy League schools and write serious fiction, and 91-year old Olga Kotelko, a record-breaking […]


Mistakes and misses

  I made a big mistake with this poem-elfing.  As a rule, I don’t read other interpretations of poems I post, or if I do, I wait until I’ve done my own ruminating.  But the internet is a big booby trap (as anyone who’s innocently searched on “lubricants” knows); and as I surfed for background […]


This just in

National Poetry Month, scheduled to begin today, April 1, has been cancelled due to lack of interest.  “I’m disappointed,” said poetry fan Mary Hathway. “I was ready for some kick-ass parties.” Local libraries have cancelled poetry readings and contests.  “Poem-a-day” apps for the iphone are still available but can only be downloaded once a week. […]