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I wanted to redeem myself after my last post (see comments section), so I headed back to the ATM. Different bank, different poem, different outcome.

poem is above the "no envelope" sign

poem is on lower right of machine


I taped an excerpt from a poem by a Poem Elf favorite, Carl Dennis. You can read the complete version of “Pioneers” here.



(That’s a typo in the fourth line of the poem.)

After I taped the poem, drove around the ATM to photograph it from different angles, and parked my car to head into Starbucks, I noticed three bank employees congregating around the poem. They must have seen me circling and taking pictures. With visions of security cameras in my head and no idea how these bankers would react to what could be called vandalism by poetry, I duckedYes, I ducked down in my front seat. When I came back up, they were gone and so was the poem.

But I did get a picture first:




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Hard to believe I’ve never left a poem at an ATM before. I rectified that situation today when I taped an excerpt from C.H. Sisson’s “Money” to a drive-through ATM.



You can read the complete poem here.


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