There was a poem in the middle . . .

This is the story of the little poem that could. A tenacious little bugger.

A week ago I put “In the Middle of the Road” by Carlos Drummon de Andrade in the middle of the road:

Image 1

With a stone to hold it in place:


Two days later I walked back along the road and found the poem in a ditch near where I had originally placed it. So I put “In the Middle of the Road” back in the middle of the road, this time with no stone.

A few days after that, before the big storms hit the midwest, I traced my path and found the poem again, off to the side of the road:


I moved it further down the road:

Image 1

(My dog Jane enjoys showing her disdain for poetry.)

High winds and rain have come since then, but I’ll walk down the road again tomorrow and see if I can find my old friend.


  1. gertloveday

    Haven’t looked at your site for a while, and here I find one of my favourite poems! I don’t think that’s disdain in Jane’s attitude- she looks to me as if she’s sternly calling to all and sundry to pay attention to this poem.

  2. Fran Wolfe

    Hello. I love this poem. It lives within the echos of my mind. In the middle of the road……it speaks my heart and my soul…..I also love your photos of ‘in the middle of the road’. I hope you won’t mind my following suit with my camera and a printed copy of In the middle of the road.

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