Month: November 2020

A horn of plenty, if you just look for it

Thanksgiving is a good and necessary holiday but perhaps more so in times of want than of plenty. What is wanting this Thanksgiving 2020? We want to be together. We want our families, our friends. Most Thanksgiving celebrations are pared down this year with families separated by virus or politics, some permanently so, thanks to […]


Escape into the pod

Sick and tired. Is there anyone who isn’t sick and tired? Granted we may be sick and tired of different things, but aren’t we all glad to put campaign mailers in the recycling bin and see the neighbor’s lawn cleared of irritating signs?   Let’s change the channel. We need something else to think about, […]


Blessed be the suckers and losers

  Blessed by Lucinda Williams   We were blessed by the minister Who practiced what he preached We were blessed by the poor man Who said heaven is within reach We were blessed by the girl selling roses Who showed us how to live We were blessed by the neglected child Who knew how to […]