I’m in love.  I’m reading Parrot & Olivier in America by Australian Peter Carey.  I’m thinking about the book all the time, taking it to bed, and not wanting our relationship to ever end.  Carey’s books have a crazy reckless energy that I associate with Australians in general (oh, my old friend Pippi Woodger!), and this […]


After a long absence

Despite good intentions (isn’t this always the way), I didn’t get much done on PoemElf during the month of August.  Vacation and sloth kept me away from the computer, and then the fall, spinal cord injury, massive infection and passing of my dear father-in-law.  I loved him so much. On returning from his funeral, I […]



Just wanted to show off my new stamp.  From now on, I’ll be stamping the backs of poems.  If someone should chance upon one, they’ll know where the poem comes from.  But I still have a backlog of two or three few poems before I launch the stamp. My little elves, too, will be appearing […]