COVID Haiku, why not

    I am in need of music, poet Elizabeth Bishop wrote in her poem of the same name.   I am in need of distraction, I find myself saying, and how nice!, distraction is everywhere— funny animal videos, show-me-your-dance-moves Instagram accounts (shout-out to my daughters), clips of Italian mayors shouting at their constituents who won’t stay […]


In which I am not a sugar ant

  Respite by Jane Hirshfield   Day after quiet day passes. I speak to no one besides the dog. To her, I murmur much I would not otherwise say.   We make plans then break them on a moment’s whim. She agrees; though sometimes bringing to my attention a small blue ball.   Passing the […]


What’s down in the basement

  The Door by Franz Wright   Going to enter the aged horizontal cellar door   (the threshing leaves, the greenish light of the approaching storm)   you suddenly notice you’re opening the cover of an enormous book.   One that’s twice as big as you are—   but you know all about that:   […]