Grace Paley

Letting go, holding back

      For My Daughter by Grace Paley I wanted to bring her a chalice or maybe a cup of love or cool water      I wanted to sit beside her as she rested after the long day     I wanted to adjure commend   admonish      saying don’t do that […]


Rising from the dead

  The Morning Baking by Carolyn Forche   Grandma, come back, I forgot How much lard for these rolls   Think you can put yourself in the ground Like plain potatoes and grow in Ohio? I am damn sick of getting fat like you   Think you can lie through your Slovak? Tell filthy stories […]


Life in the city and fear of death

Fear by Grace Paley I am afraid of nature because of nature      I am mortal – my children and my grandchildren are also mortal – I lived in the city for forty years in this way I escaped fear   Like a character in an old TV sitcom who’s got an engagement ring in his […]