The Odd Couple

For the last pairing of January men poems, I’m featuring poems so opposite in tone it’s giving me an idea for a buddy comedy.   First up is John Berryman’s “Dream Song 14.” “Dream Song 14” is one of 385 dream songs told through Berryman’s alter-ego character of Henry. Henry sometimes speaks in the first […]


Auld lange . . . sigh

Here at the beginning of the 20thyear of the 21stcentury; in the spirit of “out with the old, in with the new”; bearing in mind the cartoon personification of the passing year as a weary white-haired fellow; in special consideration of those readers of age to shudder at Father Time; with a sympathetic nod to […]


Coming of age

WATER AND FIRE by Rick Cannon For a long time with the heavy, dreamy struggle upward, the natural cupping of the hands, the lengthy earning of a stroke, – a man does not know fire. It’s not until he sees how easily things melt and slide away, – how his father went, his mother fails, […]