In which I am not a sugar ant

  Respite by Jane Hirshfield   Day after quiet day passes. I speak to no one besides the dog. To her, I murmur much I would not otherwise say.   We make plans then break them on a moment’s whim. She agrees; though sometimes bringing to my attention a small blue ball.   Passing the […]


Summer report from a lazy Poem Elf

I’m still a schoolgirl when it comes to summer’s end.  I dread the fall.  Pumpkins and football games make me anxious. Give me hot, humid weather, a little body odor, and a good book every time.   Speaking of good books, there’s still a few weeks to enjoy summer reading.  On a friend’s recommendation, I’ve […]


For love and brain cell regeneration

After my last post about the value of memorizing poetry, a reader requested a list of great poems to memorize for the summer.         My list is short:  the greatest poem to memorize for the summer is a poem you love.   Love is why children memorize Mother Goose rhymes.  Love is […]