Shameless plugging

Today is the thirteenth anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis (all good here) and a day I’m going to do something I’ve always thought I shouldn’t. Give up my anonymity and promote something I’ve written. Makes me feel like I’m wearing a push-up bra and shimmying my way into a bar, but it’s not really that big a deal and I hope you don’t mind.


So here’s a link to a piece I wrote for Easy Street Magazine. While you’re at the site, take a gander at the other pieces there. . . some wonderful writing.


Excuse me as I find my way to the disco dance cage. Shimmy shimmy.




  1. Mary K Savercool

    Wow poem elf. Wow wow wow. It still seems like yesterday. Your words are universal. I had a hard time sleeping-thinking about that time for you all. But mostly feel so grateful! I love you!

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  2. Trish Rawlings

    Maggie, I commented on the Easy Street site where you posted your wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Love you.


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