Miller Williams


A two-poem salute to fathers on this Father’s Day 2019. With poems as wonderful as these, that’s as good as twenty-one guns.   This excerpt from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” belongs in the wild, in air cleaned fresh by summer rain. But with no countryside excursion possible, I taped the poem to the edge […]


Miller Williams to the rescue

A Note to the Alien on Earth by Miller Williams   Here, in the interest of time, some words to work with, assuming you’re pretending to be a man or woman and understand English. If this should find you, know that I’m glad to help any way I can.   A letter beginning “Dear Friend” […]


Poems for Father’s Day

I’m trying to get this post up quickly—too many things to get done and my daughter gets home from Cameroon today—so I’ll skip the fanfare and get right to it.   I put an assortment of poems for Father’s Day around town.  Three of the poems are fathers addressing daughters. Another poem is a father’s […]