A fortunate misfortune

  Lament by Louise Gluck   Suddenly, after you die, those friends who never agreed about anything agree about your character. They’re like a houseful of singers rehearsing the same score: you were just, you were kind, you lived a fortunate life. No harmony. No counterpoint. Except they’re not performers; real tears are shed.   […]


File under strange, but true

In last Sunday’s New York Times former science reporter John Schwartz wrote an op-ed piece about the eerie accuracy of novels in predicting the future.  I can’t make any such claims for poetry–-not least because the scope of my poetry reading is so small and for all I know there exists a tradition of science […]


Bad judgment at the airport

    The Overhead Rack  By John Updike Worst of all, and most hated by me
 as I sit docilely crammed into my seat,
 crammed and strapped like a psychotic in restraints, are these bland-faced complacent graduates 
of business school, trained to give each other 
and the rest of the poor world the business,
 who […]