The zen of somersaults

    The Bagel by David Ignatow   I stopped to pick up the bagel rolling away in the wind, annoyed with myself for having dropped it as it were a portent. Faster and faster it rolled, with me running after it bent low, gritting my teeth, and I found myself doubled over and rolling […]


Rising from the dead

  The Morning Baking by Carolyn Forche   Grandma, come back, I forgot How much lard for these rolls   Think you can put yourself in the ground Like plain potatoes and grow in Ohio? I am damn sick of getting fat like you   Think you can lie through your Slovak? Tell filthy stories […]


Stuff before stuffing

A short break from the cooking frenzy in my kitchen to complain and give thanks.   My complaint is with food manufacturers.  Every year more food items seem to be downsized.  What was 16 oz. is now 14 oz.  Besides feeling irritated at having to pay more for less, I’m wondering what’s going to happen […]