Bedtime series, part 4: sanctuary edition

  Late Hours by Lisel Mueller   On summer nights the world moves within earshot on the interstate with its swish and growl, an occasional siren that sends chills through us. Sometimes, on clear, still nights, voices float into our bedroom, lunar and fragmented, as if the sky had let them go long before our […]


A graceful room, grief-less

  In a Room With Five People, Six Griefs by Jane Hirshfield   In a room with five people, six griefs. Some you will hear of, some not. Let the room hold them, their fears, their anger. Let there be walls and windows, a ceiling. A door through which time changer of everything can enter. […]


Summer report from a lazy Poem Elf

I’m still a schoolgirl when it comes to summer’s end.  I dread the fall.  Pumpkins and football games make me anxious. Give me hot, humid weather, a little body odor, and a good book every time.   Speaking of good books, there’s still a few weeks to enjoy summer reading.  On a friend’s recommendation, I’ve […]