Everything old is new

Young love is sweet to behold, sweeter and sweeter as I grow older. It’s also something of a wonder for a long-married person like me to think back to the beginning—to try to remember—that time—in September—when love was an ember—about to billow—     [Earworm alert. . . The Fantasticks is always waiting to be sung.]   […]


Seemed like a thoughtful gift at the time

Worse than delivering a joke that falls flat is delivering a present that offends.  Offensive presents induce not just embarrassment but guilt as well, a guilt that can flame up and redden cheeks even years after.  Once I spearheaded a group gift of an adult tricycle for my mother, who was less ready to give […]


Ladies room in Milwaukee

Mother of the Groom by Seamus Heaney – What she remembers Is his glistening back In the bath, his small boots in the ring of boots at her feet. – Hands in her voided lap, she hears a daughter welcomed. It’s as if he kicked when lifted and slipped her soapy hold. – Once soap […]