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from Kenneth Patchen's book of picture-poems, The Walking Away World
from Kenneth Patchen’s book of picture-poems, The Walking Away World


This morning I was taking a break from news of the Boston Marathon manhunt and was thumbing through the strangest bathroom book I own (because the bathroom is an excellent place to get away from the radio), and I happened to open to this page.  It was as if poet Kenneth Patchen’s book was a tarot deck, and this is the card he flipped over for me, the card he flipped over for everyone whose heads and hearts are overwhelmed by the tragedies in Boston.


A few pages later was this:

Image 3



“Caring is the only daring oh you know it.”  How brave are the first responders at the marathon, the SWAT teams on the manhunt, the sub shop owner who opened today and fed Boston police officers for free, how much braver are all these people than the two men who dropped their backpacks and ran away.


One more picture to share.  I took a few lines from W.H. Davies’ poem “Come Let Us Find,” and paired it with an illustration by Victorian artist Arthur Rackham.

Image 5



An idea I’ll be going back to as details of the terrorists emerge.







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