Merry Trish-ness

If I measured my value in the number of Christmas cards I’ve received this year, I’d be having a Charlie Brown “I got rocks” kind of feeling right now.

But the depressing emptiness of my Christmas card holder lost its sting when I opened my email yesterday.  My friend Trish Rawlings, artist, writer, and frequent commentator on this blog, sent me a digital copy of her annual handmade Christmas card.  Her work is usually dreamy and strange and always delightful.

With her permission, I’m reprinting her card here, and a few of her past cards as well.




My favorite:

Image 2


A two-parter:

Image 6


Image 1



Being lost inspires her most unsettling pieces:


Image 5


Image 4



Finally, one featuring her cat:

Image 3


Pantaloon, my feelings exactly.


Anyone interested in Trish’s work can reach her through the comment section. From there, she’ll give you her contact information directly.

Thank you, Trish!




  1. Trish Rawlings

    Thanks so much, Poem Elf, for your kind comments. I’m glad I gladdened your day and am honored to see my cards (and the two-parter) on your fine blog.

    And many thanks to Julianne as well!

    (I have this weird feeling that the Internet is in fact a person and I’ve just been handed two big Christmas gifts…)

  2. Julianne Bonta

    P.E. – Trish and I connected 🙂 TY for that. But, I also cannot leave without letting you know how much I also love reading your stuff. I read it as often as you post and just have never commented before now. Blessed Be to both you and Trish 🙂

  3. barkinglips

    I am another great fan of Trish’s art…of all kinds. These miniature scenes are wonderful not only for the pictures, of course, but the way she makes the whole thing really mean something with the words under the pictures. So glad to have this on a blog somewhere! Linda

  4. Trish Rawlings

    Thanks Ginny and Linda for your very kind comments. With such an appreciative audience out there, I’m inspired to do more…. trish.

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