Like the shopworn self-satisfied serial killer of detective shows, I return to the scene of the crime any time I post a poem. Usually the poems have disappeared from where I left them. Once in a while they hang around for a few weeks, and sometimes they find new hiding spots, as if they are protecting themselves from a culling.


A few days ago I taped “When the Giving is All We Have” to an albizia tree. I figured it would blow away into the dried-up fish farm nearby. Instead it made its way to a hidey-hole of tree roots.


Hope someone finds it before the ink fades.


A second poem has also survived. Three weeks ago (three weeks!) I taped an excerpt from “A Married State” to a fence. It fell to the ground, lost body parts, but is still recognizable. Hang in there, poem! Don’t give up.


Happy Easter, Happy Passover to all!


  1. Christine OBrien

    I love your efforts, and reading the poems you post. During this quarentine, I see so many different people walking around my neighborhood that I decided to post some poems outside too. Will be doing that tomorrow. I am going to post “Rain” by Raymond Carver. Thanks for the inspiration.🌧🌧🌧


    1. poemelf

      So glad to hear this, Christine! I’m getting ready to announce a group project to celebrate 10 years of Poem-Elfing….look for announcement next week. Maybe you’ll contribute your pictures and comments!

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