Assistant to the Regional Poem Elf

My tenth anniversary of blogging at Poem Elf arrives this May, and I need some help to mark the occasion. Not good wishes, thank you very much. I’m looking for elf assistants and elfettes—or if those terms are gag-inducing, how about—Poem Posters.



Here’s what I’m asking: put a copy of a poem in a public space (or as public a space as you have access to, given coronavirus restrictions), take a picture, and send to me. I’ll post as many as I get through the month of May.






  1. Post a previously published poem. Not your own poem or your grandmother’s poem, or the poem of some up-and-comer in your poetry circle. Sorry for the limitation, but that’s how this blog has always worked.



  1. Choose a shorter poem if possible. Be sure to include the poet’s name.



  1. Take one close-up picture so the text is readable, and one context picture farther away so the surroundings are clear.



  1. Let me know where you placed the poem. Bonus if you tell me why, and/or what the poem means to you and why you chose it. If you want you can write a full-length post.



  1. Here’s the important part: do not send your picture and commentary to the comment section of this blog. Email to me at




That’s it! Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.



I’ll send periodic reminders of this project. Hope they don’t get irritating.






  1. thesongsmymothertaughtme

    Lovely idea! I’ll try to do it. Your choices of venues always seem to be so appropriate relative to the poems. Could you give suggestions as to how you choose the venues?

    Keep posting, sending your emails with poems. I always enjoy them even if I am not very forthcoming with responses and/or feedback and especially so, during Covid-19 when we need some spiritual, emotional, mental comfort to make up for the lack of physical touch and embraces from our loved ones.



  2. donna savage

    I thought you might like to submit, I hope to do that. I mean just that big office elf is inspiration enough. How are you? I have been thinking about you and of course miss our talks. I saw my new diabetes doctor and she is wonderful. We did our visit through video – wihich was a bit scary for me as I don’t do as well with electronic voices. She was great though and we got a lot done. I have mostly good news my bone density is moving up it had been -5 now it is -2 so that is great news. They have had me on an IV drip once a year and that really is working. My diabetes numbers were a bit worse – well what else have I had to do for enjoyment – a brownie here and cookie there. Well now we have a new plan and I am committed. I am back in the garden and being a maniac. I have finished more than 50% in three days. I am back at it this morning. I do stop and rest through. Have you been tackling the garden too? Thanks for being out there with your bird friends I love seeing the pictures. I can hardly wait until we can come and go again. When that happens I will be on your doorstep first thing. All of you Bee over there be well. Virtual hugs to all including Mr. Pete. Love Donna


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