Minnesota calm, brought to you by Pam

Today’s Assistant to the Regional Poem Elf is Pam Sheen of Minnesota. Lucille Clifton’s “blessing the boats” is a wonderful poem choice for these turbulent times. . . the calm of Pam’s picture (she even managed to get a boat in the background) and the gentleness of Clifton’s words are like a cleansing breath.


Take it away, Pam!



blessing the boats


(at St. Mary’s)


by Lucille Clifton


may the tide

that is entering even now

the lip of our understanding

carry you out

beyond the face of fear

may you kiss

the wind then turn from it

certain that it  will

love your back       may you

open your eyes to water

water waving forever

and may you in your innocence

sail through this to that



Hi, had loads of fun w/ this, am at one of MN’s beautiful lakes, St Paul’s Como Lake. Was trying so hard to anchor poem from wind that I failed to zoom on Lucille Clifton’s poem. I chose it as one example of her trademark strength through adversity. Keep up your joy machine! — Pam Sheen



Thank you, Pam! I’d love to hear from more of you. Email your pictures to thepoemelf@gmail.com.

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