A visit from the wee folk, Isabelle and Ava

I’ve called myself Poem Elf these past ten years but the fact is I am a Faux Elf, at least where anatomy is concerned. Elves are little folk. I am not. Cue today’s guest posters Isabelle and Ava of Maryland. They are not only elf-sized, they are elf-cute and e(l)fing adorable.


The fact that they are also my grand nieces has no bearing on my assessment of their (darling! sweetalicious! kewpie-dumpscious!) pixie qualities.



A note from their mother, my niece and goddaughter Tricia:

We had fun poem elf-ing around our neighborhood! The girls each chose a poem from a book you gave them.


The funny thing was that Isabelle was scared the police would come because we have been telling the girls we aren’t allowed to go to parks right now but hopefully soon when “the Corinna virus is gone.” And the orange plastic fencing intimidated her I think. As a result, Ava went first (with no problem) and after much reassuring, Isabelle agreed to do it too. One of my girls does not like to get in trouble—the other is a little rebel!


Isabelle says “I love ice cream.” We chose to put it on a bench in the park two blocks from our house. When we got there, she said she really misses going there. 


Ava says: “I love swings!” We can’t wait to get back to our parks.



So far Isabelle has not been arrested. Will keep you posted.


Isabelle and Ava, happy weekend! Thank you for helping out your old auntie!


  1. Sharon L Carey

    Seeing those smiling impish faces delighted my day! When my kiddos were small I’d recite The Swing as I pushed them on the swings. This also brought back a memory of me reading myself to sleep with The Secret Place by Dorothy Aldis. May these girls enjoy a lifetime of poetry, imagination and swings….and may they return soon to all the places they’re missing.

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