Poem Elf gets a makeover










Most daughters eventually turn their discerning eyes on the one who for years focused the same on them. It’s the Mother needs improving stage. This can be fun—Why don’t you try this make-up? or Want to try a glute workout?. It can be humbling—Let me get that chin hair for you or worse, Have you considered a new deodorant? But once in a while, if you’re lucky, a daughter’s fix-it urge can be hugely helpful.


This website has been a shaggy mess for years. My youngest daughter Anne Marie has taken the shears and shaped it into something more current, and hopefully, when we’re done, more practical and interactive.


It’s a work in progress, so pardon any glitches, blank pages or confusing navigations. We’ll be sorting it out. Thanks for your patience.


And thanks, Anne Marie, for the Poem Elf makeover!


  1. Chris Day

    Poem Elf – that’s good to hear…..you have made my day too! You have helped me enter this new area to me in the “World of Words”, one that had been undiscovered and unexplored by me. Thank you!

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