Carl Dennis

Bankers’ interest in poetry

I wanted to redeem myself after my last post (see comments section), so I headed back to the ATM. Different bank, different poem, different outcome.   I taped an excerpt from a poem by a Poem Elf favorite, Carl Dennis. You can read the complete version of “Pioneers” here.   (That’s a typo in the […]


Making headway on the turnpike of life

If I resist fussing with radio stations, I find long drives conducive to reflection and analysis. Last week I drove back to Michigan after visiting my mother in Maryland, and this excerpt from Carl Dennis’ “Last Interview” was something to chew on (along with my french fries and roasted almonds).         I left it at […]


More flies with sugar

Friendly By Carl Dennis The friendly way to explain the missing punch bowl Is to assume you loaned it to someone Who, by the time he thought of returning it, Had lost his job and moved to another city And loaned it to the hostess of a charity ball Who forgot the person she borrowed […]