Bankers’ interest in poetry

I wanted to redeem myself after my last post (see comments section), so I headed back to the ATM. Different bank, different poem, different outcome.

poem is above the "no envelope" sign
poem is on lower right of machine


I taped an excerpt from a poem by a Poem Elf favorite, Carl Dennis. You can read the complete version of “Pioneers” here.



(That’s a typo in the fourth line of the poem.)

After I taped the poem, drove around the ATM to photograph it from different angles, and parked my car to head into Starbucks, I noticed three bank employees congregating around the poem. They must have seen me circling and taking pictures. With visions of security cameras in my head and no idea how these bankers would react to what could be called vandalism by poetry, I duckedYes, I ducked down in my front seat. When I came back up, they were gone and so was the poem.

But I did get a picture first:





  1. Southside Tom

    I wish I was getting that level of interest from my savings accounts! I love the Carl Dennis poem (thank you!) and have known that feeling often, Today, in Chicago’s latest snow squall, I can only dream of the kind of day I would like to put away for when a chance to play comes knocking.

  2. Sherry Crowson

    I like that one! I did a whole class on “Time” and that point was made in several different ways, there is no saving time, even though we have Daylight Saving time, it doesn’t really save anything. We are all equal in the hours we have in a day. What you do with that time . . . well, up to you! I’m glad your poem post got so much interest. Maybe they took the poem to show it around, they certainly were intrigued enough to stop and read it! I would like to bank today, sunny and warm and . . . delightful, for a day when it rains and is cold and cloudy all day. However, those days make days like today particularly appreciated!

    And, I do like that poet’s work, thanks for introducing me to him!

  3. Kelly

    Love the pic of the bankers reading the note. Yes I am sure they have you and your license plate on film. Too funny!

  4. Austin Starr

    I didn’t even notice the typo, which is unusual for me, since I find them everywhere, esp on menus. Loved the poem and the photo. Nicely done!

  5. gertloveday

    If we don’t see any more posts from you we’ll know you’re in a dungeon being beaten up by the Bank Police to make you give up the other members of this international poetscam ring.

  6. akleneth

    Yeah, taking a photo of an ATM might have struck them as a little suspicious… but I LOVE the picture you grabbed! Their posture shows such interest/curiosity; I hope they liked it! It’s a great poem.

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