Langston Hughes

Minute One

To Christine, Catherine, Yen-Fang, Megan, Donny and Molly:  I love your submissions and can’t wait to WE INTERRUPT YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAMMING something’s come up TO BRING YOU THIS BREAKING NEWS   [breaking your heart news]   So I can’t post them right now.   Just doesn’t feel right.   Give me nine days. Nine days, […]


Poems for Mothers Day

I always have a lot to celebrate on Mother’s Day. My mother, 88 and still funny and sharp, is a woman I’d consider myself lucky to even know, much less to claim as mother. I’ve got four older sisters who mothered me each in their own way, a wonderful mother-in-law, and an aunt-in-law I love as […]


Reciting and resuscitating old poems

If you think, as I sometimes do when a particularly arcane poem shows up in my inbox courtesy of the Academy of American Poets’ poem-a-day feature, that poetry is written by and for the same kind of people who prefer wasabi truffles to straightforward chocolate caramels; or if you think that classic poetry has as […]