northern Michigan

Miller Williams to the rescue

A Note to the Alien on Earth by Miller Williams   Here, in the interest of time, some words to work with, assuming you’re pretending to be a man or woman and understand English. If this should find you, know that I’m glad to help any way I can.   A letter beginning “Dear Friend” […]


A graceful room, grief-less

  In a Room With Five People, Six Griefs by Jane Hirshfield   In a room with five people, six griefs. Some you will hear of, some not. Let the room hold them, their fears, their anger. Let there be walls and windows, a ceiling. A door through which time changer of everything can enter. […]


Postcard from Hemingway country

I had dinner the other night with an Englishman who couldn’t grasp the idea of blogging.  How do you make money? he asked me, and when I told him the blog doesn’t pay, he offered several suggestions to spruce up my “business” and start bringing in the big bucks.   There may be no paycheck, […]