Postcard from Hemingway country

I had dinner the other night with an Englishman who couldn’t grasp the idea of blogging.  How do you make money? he asked me, and when I told him the blog doesn’t pay, he offered several suggestions to spruce up my “business” and start bringing in the big bucks.


There may be no paycheck, but there’s no schedule either.  Perhaps you’ve noticed.  I’ve been on sabbatical from the blog for all of July and now my break time is creeping into August.  I’ve been busy with other types of writing, which I’ve mostly done here, at Jolly’s Cafe in northern Michigan:



If ever there was a clean well-lighted place for writing, Jolly’s is the real deal.  And it’s in Hemingway country to boot.


I’ll be back in a few weeks with an elf-ing, but I wanted to send a public thank-you to the gal in the middle of the picture:



Gracious, efficient, attentive, and somehow a little dreamy and soulful, she made my morning writing sessions a time I looked forward to.  Hemingway would have written a story about her for sure.


So long till mid-August.


  1. Trish Rawlings

    I love this little place, so perfect for getting away from it all and writing! And that rounded-top thing—does that hold pastries? It mades me think of Carlson’s Bakery in Annapolis on West St., where we’d stop on the way back from Health Clinic visits to check my heart and all the dentist visits for the seven of us…The place smelled like heaven and the honey-glazed donuts literally melted in your mouth and banished from your head the thoughts of the dentist drill and for me the yucky barium stuff I had to swallow for the x-rays….I’ve decided that heaven is a bakery.

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