Grave issues

Poem Elf posts seem to be a tad morbid lately.  Perhaps I’m adjusting to the seasonal change or reacting to Halloween decorations or, most likely, working out just-under-the-surface sadness from the passing of two fathers in one year. Whatever the reason, now that I’m aware of the death thread, I can snip it.  But one last entry first.

I found this website of the graves of famous poets.  Be warned, the quality of the photographs is on par with mine, that is to say, decidedly amateur.  I was surprised that so few tombstones were engraved with poems.  Sylvia Plath’s grave, below, is one of the few that features a poetic quotation.


Not featured on this website is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s beautiful tombstone near my hometown.  Modestly situated in a Rockville, Maryland Catholic churchyard by a noisy intersection, his grave features poetry of the highest order.


Happy Halloween, everyone.

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