Tweets for the non-twittering

I’m a lacksadaisical tweeter. A now-and-then and if-the-mood-strikes-me user of social media.

Which is why I only have 65 followers. That’s ten less people than I follow myself.

This post isn’t a plug for my twitter feed (I tried that here before and it didn’t help). It’s an announcement that I’m going to start posting some of my tweets on this blog. (Re-read that last sentence and realize that less than ten years ago it would have been complete gibberish.)

My tweets are different than my blog posts in that usually I use just a few lines from a longer poem instead of a complete poem. Also, I only feature pictures and I skip the commentary.

My latest one is  “Beauty School Dropout.” I left “Skin Deep” by Gail A. Chastain (the whole poem, because it was so short) at the Aveda Institute, a beauty school and salon.

poem is under sign and light fixture
poem is under sign and light fixture




Of course, if you’d like to get all my tweets, follow me @poemelf.




  1. Mary Lee

    I like your blog received in my email. I liked the frequency of emails. So I am a little concerned about the frequency of receiving some tweets also. I like to keep my email in box spartan. So I will try the change for awhile and see how it fits 🙂


  2. Kathy Svendsen

    Thank you for the pleasant surprises. I can relate to this one though I was never beautiful but do have the cobwebbed cheeks.

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