No cowbell? Haiku, please, for this fever

One last call for readers outside the United States . . . send in your quarantine haikus! I’ve gotten two so far and will post those tomorrow. Would love to have more! Post here as a comment or email me at


Brenda Loew of Seattle sent in pictures and haiku. The pictures of are herself and the Seattle bridge troll, outfitted to reduce community spread:

I did not know this wonderful sculpture existed. Mr. Troll sits under a bridge, as trolls do, and in his left hand clutches a Volkswagen bug.



Here’s Brenda’s haiku. Lovely!


The walking people,

quiet pandemonium,

all humans stopped cold.



Sci-fi cityscape,

masked and gloved Seattleites

smile only with  eyes.



Equally plagued,

we see how we are truly

more alike than different



What is our true face?

Sheltering now at home,

spring robin singing.


And her lovely face

Nurse Pam Sheen (bless you!), solicited haikus from friends and sent in these:




Dog glued to my side

Unsure why we’re both at home

But grateful we are



Trees green, sunshine bright

The house warm and cozy too

Like beacons of hope


—Jenn Van Osdel




We’re inside monkeys

Climbing walls won’t get us out

Where’s my banana?


—James Lachowsky


Inside monkeys, tru dat.






Finally (for today) from my sister Susie in Massachusetts (wife of yesterday’s haiku writer Richard, far away in San Diego):



Yesterday, today,

Tomorrow, and days after,

The same, Groundhog Day.



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      Hi Very Truly, I responded before that yours didn’t come through. I don’t get attachments in the comment section. You can email it to me at OR just type it into the comment section.
      I will post it tomorrow! Looking forward to getting it!

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