Isolation, the great connector

To start off European Haiku Day here at Poem Elf, here’s a picture my daughter in Prague created. She took advantage of over-developed film to fiddle around with the image (that’s the technical explanation). She calls it “Pause.” (FYI that’s what those two yellow bars mean. I didn’t know this, dinosaur that I am.)



And now, haikus from our European friends.


From Truus Visser of the Netherlands is keeping busy—



Washing the windows

dusting all the bookshelves

waiting the lock-off






Luc Vrielinck a doctor in Belgium, took time from what must be an insane worklife to send a sober warning, haiku-style:



Social distancing

playtime is over now;

everyone’s concern



Here it is in Dutch, his first language.



Social distancing

de speeltijd is voorbij;

eenieder zijn zorg



(Is “social distancing,” like a smile, the same in every language?)



Luc adds—


My Haiku is, of course, a reaction to the difficult times we have now in Belgium and around the world.

I am a medical doctor working in a hospital, so I know from first hand what is going on once patients are infected, and when they are losing their battle. So the main focus is on prevention, … until we get a good vaccination.

The government propagates -among other things- the principle of social distancing: keeping enough distance between your self and the person next to you (1.5 m)






Anne Marie, my daughter in Prague, was out walking and heard music from a high window, which she knows is one of my favorite things in the world. Here’s the post-walk haiku—



Oh to take a peek

In all those secret squares

Someone’s dancing on piano keys!



And here’s the accompanying picture







Someone named “Name,” origin unknown, so let’s just say he or she is indeed European so we are consistent, sent in this reminder of life’s small pleasures—



Stuck inside for weeks

I go for a daily walk

Nice to hear the birds





Finally, to Very Truly of Ann Arbor, just in case you haven’t read my responses to your comments: I would love to get your haiku and photograph, but I haven’t yet. If you sent it as an attachment, please understand that attachments don’t go through on this platform. You can copy and paste text in a comment or send text and photograph to  I will post it regardless of when it arrives!

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